Salary Sacrifice

Do more with your money through Salary Packaging

Are you interested in paying less tax and maximising your income?
Subee Newlake has now introduced a Salary Sacrifice option and we are working with MAXXIA to make this option available to all staff.
Information about this program is below – but please don’t hesitate to reach out to Maxxia ( if you need further information.

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What is novated leasing?
A novated lease could benefit almost any driver. You don’t have to earn big money or drive lots of kilometres. And it doesn’t have to be a new car – in fact, you could lease a second-hand car or even your existing car.

A novated lease is an agreement between you, your employer and a finance company that lets you pay for a car and its regular expenses with some of your pre-tax salary.

How does it work?
Novated leasing lets you salary package the cost of getting into and running car with some of your before-tax dollars, which means you could lower your taxable income.

You also get the convenience of bundling running costs such as fuel, rego, insurance and servicing into one regular payment.

Do more with your money – Salary Package a car today

One simple regular payment includes Fuel, Registration, Insurance and Servicing.

Salary package your existing car

Why not unlock the potential tax savings, convenience and better budgeting by salary packaging your existing car?

Rewards Program

As part of your Subee Newlake employee benefits program, you now have access to a great range of discounts and benefits through the Maxxia Rewards program.